January 27, 2015


drawing with a mouse on MS paint is super relaxing

January 25, 2015

Pencilmation #39: Uneasy Rider

I animated on another PENCILMATION.
This one I animated in a week. 
And then I got the flu and spent 2 weeks cleaning it up. 

Francis Florencio did the coloring and the animated the paper moving and the pencil and the clouds and stuff. I did all the character and vehicle animation. And Ross Bollinger, storyboarded and directed. 

I listened to the porco rosso soundtrack alot when tying down this part

January 12, 2015

warm up

pencil tool is actually pretty cool.

January 11, 2015

head turn

sometimes i get the urge to do less cartoony stuff, but it takes so much longer to do right.