December 22, 2012

Sleigh Ride

me and Lauren made a film. We tried a bunch of new things and learned a bunch of new things.  Experimenting is fun.

here's the shitty animatic....

December 1, 2012

November 24, 2012


24 hour film for november!

November 19, 2012

24 Hour Film Tumblr

Make a film in 24 hours and share it you guys! It's really fun! YOU CAN DO IT! or if you made one already you can post it there too! i wanna create like an archive full of awesome shorts made in 24 hours. CHECK IT OUT

October 21, 2012

24 Hour Film


October 1, 2012


rough 1st pass. for general idea. needed to fix timing and spacing.
made it more solid fixed the timing and the spacing. 
then a quick silhouette test to see if it read well.
cleanedup final version

September 24, 2012

September 19, 2012

3d car

one day i won't be so sucky at this stuff. 

September 16, 2012

3d scooter

imtrying to learn how to use 3d models in photoshop and after effects.

September 1, 2012


i've been doing this thing where i post a gif everyday. CLICK to see the tumblr or the blogspot thing.

Tumblr is nice but they dont let you host .swf's. and they suck with their size limit thing, but blogspot isnt as good for sharing. so im doing both. WHY NOT.

August 12, 2012

June 14, 2012

terrible straight ahead animootion

sometimes its fun to just not think and just see what happens.

May 9, 2012


this is a still from a panning background for that walk cycle i made.

May 8, 2012


i suck at bone tool and symbol animation....

April 17, 2012

Bouncy Ball

i'm not really used to symbol animation in flash. recycling drawings seems kinda lazy. but i'll try it.

March 23, 2012


i suck at doing landscapes and painting, but i think if i do like a million more of these shitty ones i'll finally be mediocre. one day.

March 17, 2012

animation is really time consuming....

February 18, 2012

Chris Allison

This dude, Chris Allison, who is a film making cartoonist extraordinaire, is a huge inspiration for me. He was kind enough to take time out his day to give me like the most helpful critiques ever when i was first starting out. He also sent me a a bunch of his amazing drawings and a copy of the animator's survival kit when i was like 17. This dude, is so cool. Check out his stuff at TOONHOLE.COM

"No rules, just tools"